HONOR our past, EMBRACE our present, leave a LEGACY
HONOR our past, EMBRACE our present, leave a LEGACY
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Malama Yo Mama

A Community of Women

Real women, real stories, real connections

All proceeds from this collection will go towards Malama Yo Mama.


My name is Leslie and I am the founder of Mālama Yo Mama! Mālama Yo Mama was created because of my lifelong passion of giving back to the community. It is such a broad statement hence the range of events, collaborations and people I work with! There is NO limit to making connections, networking and bringing everyone together.

I am a mom to a 7 year old, a student trying to obtain a higher education, an employee to a non-profit organization, and the face behind this organization.

I’ve always worn many hats, held leadership roles and meshed them all with having fun with others and giving back- Chair of the Youth Relay for Life, Student Body President, HOSA President - all before becoming an official adult! Some people frown upon referring to “High school” milestones but I say it was my foundation that led me to where I am now.

Long story short, my goal is to show others that YOU CAN accomplish what you want. There is no time limit on your journey to get there. Fight against the statistics… I mean I AM A WALKING STATISTIC but I do not let it define me. Instead, I use it as leverage as I make every STEP forward in life.

There’s no secret to what I’ve been through, who I am, what I do… I’m the same Leslie you’ll see at a grocery store, a birthday party, at the community clinic, at a committee board meeting and of course, at a Malama Yo Mama event! Let’s chat more!!! I am nowhere near perfect but I always believe in doing MY best.

I CAN TALK FOR DAYS! I love getting to know others. After all, that’s what I am all about- UNITING. EMPOWERING. & INSPIRING 💫

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